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Seasons Community Champions Award 2013

Seasons Community Champions Award 2013

The Seasons Community Champions Award – a fantastic evening was had by all and we are delighted to reveal the winner as voted by the public as PAULA NEWTON!

Paula receives $2,000 from Seasons to thank her for her outstanding contribution to her community – particularly in the field of supporting parents of children with special needs.

Congratulations to Paula and our other 7 finalists – each of whom went away with goodie bags with a value of over $1,000!.

Funeral Services Multimedia

WA Today: “Funeral in the Park”

Did you know you can lay your loved one to rest in your local park?

Yes – in Perth

Funeral Services Multimedia

Seasons & Community News: “Tell Us Your Stories”

Seasons Funerals have launched “Tell Us Your Stories” community obituaries in conjunction with the Community Newspaper Group in Perth.

Set to appear regularly from next week in the Comment News, Canning Times and Southern Gazette Community newspapers, the colourful, expanded obituaries will aim to celebrate the lives of genuine, unsung members of the community and allow for families to tell and share the life story of their loved ones.

Funeral Services Video: Seasons in Vietnam

Seasons in Vietnam

Each year, VN Smiles travels to Vietnam to carry out voluntary dental work for orphans and underprivileged children.

In July 2012 our fabulous finance manager Margaret and some of her family and friends joined the organisation to help out, taking along donations from Seasons Funerals in Perth and a few of our team members. These donations went towards medical supplies and the building of a new well at an orphanage — they were very much appreciated! Isn’t Margaret a gem!!


Funeral Services Video: Perth's Floating Funeral upon the Swan River

Seasons: Perth’s Floating Funeral upon the Swan River

On Thursday 28 June 2012, Seasons Funerals launched what we believe to be the first ever funeral service upon the Swan River in Perth.

Seasons Funerals believe that a life should be celebrated rather than mourned and this unique farewell is a great example of how this can be done!