Why Film the Funeral Service?

Seasons Funerals prides itself on delivering a high standard service during what can be a tough time. We know how emotional and stressful the funeral day can be and we are here to assist you with the funeral service so that you can relax, reflect and say your goodbyes.

We see filming the Funeral service as an important part of the service we offer. For many the idea of having the funeral service filmed seems like an odd idea but there are many benefits in having a DVD of the service. Here are some thoughts that may help you see if having the service filmed is something that you and your family may want.

For Reflection: The funeral day is always one of high emotion and possible stress. Many people find that the day goes by in such a blur that they don’t get the chance to appreciate the moment or to hear the beautiful words during the service. The video gives you the chance to privately revisit the funeral and hear the thoughts expressed in the service and to appreciate the atmosphere of the day. This is especially sentimental when family members get up to say a personal eulogy, these heartfelt words will captured forever on your DVD.

Guests who can’t attend: Often there are close family and friends who can’t attend the funeral service for a number of reasons. Their thoughts are with you and they would dearly love to be there. Having the service filmed means that you can send them a DVD of the funeral and allow them their chance to remember, reflect and say goodbye to a loved one.

I already have a photographer, do I need a video? Video and photos are very different and will be special to you in unique ways. Your video will allow you to see and hear the whole service, featuring the music, the Seasons slideshow and all the words of the service.

Discreet/Professional: We take great care and pride in making sure that we are discreet and respectful at all times. The camera will not be in the way of any of the guests.

Quality: We use only experienced cameramen who use professional cameras and audio equipment ensuring the quality you expect from Seasons Funerals.