Funeral Notices Perth (How to place a family death notice)

As funeral directors, it’s our job to help to say goodbye to your loved ones by providing a high-quality service that makes a difficult time as manageable as possible for our community of client-families. I know how strenuous and difficult this can be, especially for those people who have never had to do this before. The procedure can be long with different steps and you may ask yourself: “Is it really necessary to do all of these things?” The completion of a family notice in the Deaths or Funerals Notice section of the paper of record (The West Australian in Perth) is an important step, and although it isn’t a legal requirement, most of our clients make the decision to place one. I think a family Death or Funeral Notice in the newspaper can be a practical way to let people know details about the deceased.

How does an on-line memorial Heaven address differ?

The difference is simple. A newspaper family / funeral notice offers the briefest of information (unlike an obituary) – the name, date of birth and death and funeral arrangement details placed in the “paper of record” for the broader public’s information. An on-line memorial will offer an enduring and interactive form of legacy, one that the general public will be able to search for. We will organise both for you upon request.

How do you place a death / funeral notice?

There are usually two sections of the newspaper for notices (certainly that is the case in Perth). You can place a “Death Notice” in which you advise the public of the deceased’s passing. Your relatives can place personal tributes and messages. Death Notices can be formal or informal, and I always recommend expressing your emotions as you feel most comfortable.

You can decide to place a graphic at the top of a Death Notice. This is designed to be a typical representation of some of the interests in a person’s life. It’s a nice way to celebrate the life of those who have passed.

There is also a “Funerals” section which contains all the details on pending funeral arrangements, instructions regarding memorial donations, and contact details of the Funeral Home or chapel / cemetery. Seasons will take care of this for you so please contact us on 1800 732 766 or if you need assistance with placing a funeral notice in Perth.